Adsorption: Fundamentals and Applications



Time and place

  • Mon 14:15-15:45, Room H15 (exclude vac) ICS

Prerequisites / Organizational information

The lectures will be held on-site, taking into account the 3G rule.

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Applications": https://www.studon.fau.de/crs2719468.html

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1. Introduction and terminology 2. Gas adsorptions basics and adsorbent materials 3. Physisorption mechanisms 4. Surface area determination 5. Porosity and pore structure analysis of nanoporous materials 5.1 Micropore analysis 1.2 Mesopore analysis 5.3 Macropore analysis : adsorption and liquid intrusion methods 5.4. Characterization of hierarchically structured porous materials 6. High pressure adsorption 7. Surface chemistry effects on adsorption 8. Adsorption and characterization in the liquid phase 8. Adsorption of mixtures 9. Adsorption applications in gas storage and separation (automatisch geplant, erwartete Hörerzahl original: 7, fixe Veranstaltung: nein)