The Institute of Separation Science & Technology performs cutting-edge research in the various areas of separation science.

Key research fields are adsorption and the rigorous textural characterization of nanoporous adsorbent materials. Within this framework we investigate the phase and wetting behavior of fluids in pores/adsorbent interfaces, and focus on the surface and pore structural characterization of nanoporous materials. A main goal is to build a link between adsorption properties and characteristics of adsorbents, with processes and applications in important areas, such as gas- and energy storage, separations, and heterogeneous catalysis. Another major research area is systematic process design. Here, sound experimental characterization is combined with state-of-the-art theoretical and computer-based methods to develop advanced processes and materials for challenging separations by, e.g., preparative chromatography, gas adsorption, and membrane technologies. Applications range from fine chemicals, over (bio)pharmaceuticals, to bulk products.
These fields of work are complemented by research activities in the areas of Energy Thermodynamics, and High Pressure Processes.

Malte Kaspereit co-authored a paper with Hoang Nguyen (now at Northumbria University, Newcastle/UK) and Tuomo Sainio (LUT – Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Finland) that covers an experimental-theoretical study on the production of oligosaccharides from natural sources.

Prof. Matthias Thommes gave a Webinar on "Characterization of Porous Materials" on May 8th, 2020. The Webinar is part of a series of adsorption-themed webinars organized by the International Adsorption Society.