Prof. Dr. Matthias Thommes

Head of Institute

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Chair of Separation Science & Technology

Room: Room T 3.66
Egerlandstr. 3
91058 Erlangen

Brief biography

Prof. Dr. Matthias Thommes has received his Doctorate in Physical Chemistry in 1993 at the Technical University Berlin (1992/93). From 1992-1995 he was a Project Scientist for a microgravity experiment on critical adsorption which was carried out on the EURECA mission of the European Space Agency (ESA). From 1996 to 1997, he was an ESA fellow and Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Institute for Physical Science and Technology at the University of Maryland at College Park, USA. In 1998 he joined Quantachrome as Head of Applications Department at Quantachrome GmbH, Germany (until 2001), followed by the position as a Scientific Director at the headquaters of the company, i.e. Quantachrome Corporation, Boynton Beach, Fl, USA, until June 2018. Since July 1st is Full Professor and Chair of the Institute for Separation Science and Technology , Department of Chemical and Bioengineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg.
Prof. Thommes has been a Visiting Professor at University of Edinburgh, U.K since 2012 and currently holds also a Guest Professor position at Lorraine University, Nancy France. In addition he holds leadership positions in a number of authoritative bodies in his field including: Council Member of the International Zeolite Association (IZA), Chairman of the IUPAC (International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry) Task Group – “Physisorption of Gases, with Special Reference to the Evaluation of Surface Area and Pore Size Distributions” , Chair/Vice-Chair – Separations Division Area 2e, American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE, from 2013 – 2017), Convener of the International Standard Organization (ISO) Working Group on Surface Area and Porosity,   Principal Scientific Advisor to the new ARPA-E/DOE funded NIST/FACT laboratory (Gaithersburg, Maryland). Prof. Thommes has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the International Adsorption Society (IAS) from 2007-2013 and a Council Member of the International Mesostructured Materials Association (IMMA, 2006-2013). He also serves in the as Editorial Board Member of the journal Adsorption, Journal Advanced Porous Materials, and Adsorption Science &Technology.
Prof. Thommes has authored/co-authored more than 125 scientific papers, reviews and book chapters, patents as well as a monograph on the characterization of porous solids and  powders. He has given more than 250 presentations, incl. invited plenary and keynote lectures at prestigious international scientific conferences and universities all over the world. In addition, he has been co-chairing various important scientific conferences (e.g. the CPM workshop series) and symposia in the field of adsorption and materials characterization.




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