34th German zeolite conference

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Simon Eder, Jakob Söllner, Carola Schlumberger and Markus Terlinden presented their current research results at the 34. German zeolite conference, which took place between 21. to 23. February 2023 in Vienna.

Carola Schlumberger talked about her results on the topic “Reliable Surface Area Assessment of Solvated Nanoporous Materials by NMR Relaxometry ” (C. Schlumberger, L. Sandner, M. Thommes). Simon Eder, Jakob Söllner and Markus Terlinden presented their results on posters: “Aspects of Gas Storage: Effect of Confinement on Supercritial Adsorption Behaviour of Pure Fluids” (S. Eder, F. Kleitz, M. Thommes), “Development and application of a novel network model for advanced physisorption characterization” (J. Söllner, M. Thommes), “Aspects of a novel sensitive method or meso-macropore analysis based on nitrogen adsorption at the triple point temperature (63K)” (M. Terlinden, F. Kleitz, M. Thommes).