35th German zeolite conference

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Peter Leicht, Carola Schlumberger and Jincheng Xu presented their current research results at the 35. German zeolite conference, which took place between 28. February to 1. March 2024 in Jena.

Peter Leicht presented his results concerning „Effect of state of fluid on adsorption behaviour: Mapping the phase behaviour of CH4 and CO2 in a hierarchically structured zeolite“ (P. Leicht, M. Thommes) on a poster. Carola Schlumberger presented a poster on the topic of „Advanced Textural and Surface Chemistry Characterization by Combining Adsorption and Liquid Intrusion with NMR Relaxometry “ (C. Schlumberger, C. Cuadrado Collados, J. Söllner, L. Sandner, J. Xu, M. Thommes).