Edinburgh-Erlangen School of Adsorption: EESA 2024

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Prof. Stefano Brandani (University of Edinburgh) and Prof. Matthias Thommes (Friedrich-Alexander-University) are pleased to invite the International Adsorption Community to the Edinburgh-Erlangen School of Adsorption 2024, now in its third edition, which will take place in Edinburgh (UK) from September 3-6, 2024. The school was founded by Prof. Brandani and Prof. Thommes and took place for the first time in Edinburgh in 2022. In 2023, the EESA took place in Erlangen; more than 70 participants from academia and industry from all over the world gained deeper insights into the fundamental aspects of adsorption science and engineering during the workshop. This year, the school will be held in Edinburgh.

The School is aimed to PhD students, Researchers and Industrialists willing to gain a deeper insight of the fundamental aspects of adsorption science and engineering. It is based on over 15 years of experience in delivering lectures in adsorption courses at the MEng level. It is structured as an intensive 3.5-day programme including formal lectures, discussion periods and numerical tutorials covering the following main topics:

  • Characterisation of nanoporous materials by adsorption and complementary techniques (e.g. liquid intrusion): Discussion of key experimental aspects and data interpretation based of classical, macroscopic thermodynamic methods and advanced approaches based on statistical mechanics (such as Density Functional Theory and molecular simulation)
  • Adsorption equilibrium – low and high pressure
  • Adsorption kinetics including examples from our laboratory (ZLC, volumetric and frequency response)
  • Adsorption column dynamics including equilibrium theory, structured adsorbents and monoliths
  • Adsorption processes and cycles

More information can be found here.