Erlangen-Edinburgh School of Adsorption 2023

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From September 5 to September 8 the Erlangen-Edinburgh School of Adsorption 2023 (EESA 2023) took place in Erlangen. The school was organized by Prof. Matthias Thommes (Institute of Separation Science and Technology (TVT), Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg) and Prof. Stefano Brandani (University of Edinburgh). More than 70 participants from academia and industry from all over the world (Canada, South-Corea, England, Ireland, Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Germany) gained deeper insights into the fundamental aspects of adsorption science and engineering during the 3.5 day workshop. The program included lectures and exercises by Prof. Matthias Thommes, Prof. Stefano Brandani, Dr. Enzo Mangano (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Malte Kaspereit (Institute of Separation Science and Technology (TVT), Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg), Dr. Federico Brandani (Air Liquide, France) and Dr. Tim Golden (Air Products, USA) as well as lab tours. The following topics were addressed: adsorption equilibrium (low and high pressure), advanced physisorption characterization of nanoporous materials, adsorption kinetics, gas storage using adsorption as well as advanced separation processes both in gas and liquid phases. In addition, participants had various opportunities for networking during coffee breaks and lunch as well as during multiple social evening events arranged in Erlangen and it´s beautiful surroundings, which included a welcome reception, a conference dinner in the old town of Erlangen as well as a unqiue historic beer cellar tour.

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