AIChE Meeting 2022, Phoenix Arizona, November 13 -19, 2022

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Prof. Matthias Thommes delivered three lectures at the AIChE Meeting 2022, including an invited plenary lecture in an honorary session dedicated to Prof. Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, which was held on Monday, Nov 14.

Title of the lecture was : “Advances in the characterization of porous materials for applications in chromatography” (Authors: C. Schlumberger, C. Cuadrado Collados, J. Söllner, M. Thommes*)

Speakers of the honory session

The two other lectures were entitled:
“Aspects of Gas Storage: Effect of Confinement on Supercritical Adsorption Behaviour”
(Authors: S. Eder and M. Thommes*)

“Advances in Surface Chemistry Assessment of Adsorbents by combining Adsorption, Liquid Intrusion and NMR Spectroscopy”
(Authors: C. Cuadrado Collados, M. Hartmann, J. Söllner, M. Terlinden, D. Wisser, M. Thommes*)

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