ProcessNet Annual Meeting Adsorption and High-Pressure Process Technology 2024

The annual meeting of the Dechema groups Adsorption and High-Pressure Process Technology took place in Darmstadt from March 13 to March 15. Prof. Thommes gave a presentation on the topic “Aspects of Gas Storage:Confined Geometry Effects on the High-Pressure Adsorption Behavior of Supercritical Fluids” (Authors: S. Eder, J. Xu, M. Thommes). Peter Leicht presented his current research on a poster: “Effect of state of fluid on adsorption behaviour: Mapping the phase behaviour of CH4 and CO2 in a hierarchically structured zeolite” (Authors: P. Leicht, M. Thommes). In addition, Dr. Detlef Freitag presented a poster on the topic “Pilot system for high-pressure adsorption in wide temparture range” (Authors: D. Freitag, M. Kaspereit, M. Thommes).