Annual meeting of the ProcessNet research group Adsorption 2021 in Frankfurt am Main

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The annual meeting of the ProcessNet research group Adsorption took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from September 8 to September 9, 2021. The working group Adsorption and Nanoporous Materials Characterization participated with great presence at this first live event since the start of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Current research results of the institute were presented during two presentations.

Peter Leicht talked about “Adsorption and phase behaviour of pure fluids in hierarchically organized nanoporous materials over a wide range of temperatures and pressures” (P. Leicht, S. Eder, M.Thommes*). and Carola Schlumberger about “Adsorption and nanoporous materials characterization in the liquid phase: Novel  methodologies based on NMR relaxometry and Inverse Size Exclusion Chromatography ” (C. Schlumberger, U. Schmidt, A. Michalowski, M. Thommes*). This work was supported by the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1411 “Design of Particulate Products”.